The Digital Learning and Development Lab is a national research network based at the University of Southern California. We are made up of graduate students, junior and senior scholars with a mission to conduct methodologically rigorous research on youths' and adults' digital media experiences, related academic and socio-emotional outcomes as well as issues of equity. We also design digital tools that empower underrepresented youth. Ultimately, our goal is create transformative learning tools and environments through research and design.




Our research projects include a range of foci from design principles for maker spaces to STEM identity development. We are one of very few digital learning labs in the United States that focus exclusively on urban communities.  Students in these communities bring unique strengths and challenges to learning spaces that require multi-method research designs to adequately study.  Visit our projects page to see examples of some of the work we do. 





Our Team

Photo Credit: Vanie Poyey

Our research team is multidisciplinary and members have wide ranging expertise that includes learning theory and design, digital learning, literacy, science education, racial discrimination and health, ethnic identity, social media,  and African American, Latino and Asian child development.  The team is drawn from schools across the US, including the University of Southern California,  University of Michigan, Harvard University, New York University, UCLA, and Arizona State University.

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Blog (coming soon!)

Visit our blog for musings on our research, training, issues related to virtual collaboration as well as what we consider some of the best work from other researchers. We will also have students and community members as guest bloggers. This is a great way to hear students' voices on the issues that affect them most.

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