Principal Investigator: Brendesha Tynes, Co-Investigator: Safiya Noble

Research Associate: Josh Schuschke

The ongoing socio-political movement against state-sanctioned violence against Black people, known as “Black Lives Matter” has garnered substantial attention over the last two years.  Activists and community organizers have used popular social media platforms, such as Twitter to organize protests and counter anti-Black injustice in a range of contexts from education to policing.  DLx2’s #BlackLivesMatter Project looks to theorize about youth empowerment, agency, mental health and learning on social media platforms. For example, key frameworks and theorizing from this project will ultimately help to better understand the role of intersectionality in shaping these outcomes. Using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, such as content analysis and hashtag ethnography (Bonilla & Rosa, 2015; Tynes, Schuschke, Noble, in press), we analyze discourse and artifacts (including symbols, articles, images, music and videos) from the movement.